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(Episode 41) Dragon Ball Super Episode 41 English Subbed: Come, God of Dragons – And Pretty Please Grant My Wish!

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Goku and Hit fight an indecisive stalemate. Neither side is able to gain ground against the other. Goku requests that the rules of the fight be waived so that Hit can use his assassination techniques freely. Shanpa an...

(Episode 5) My Hero Academia Episode 5 English Subbed: What I Can Do for Now

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It's Izuku's first day of high school, and he still can't control his new Quirk. Will he make it to the second day of school with his eccentric new teacher?   Option 1

(Episode 5) Endride Episode 5 English Subbed: Assault

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Lacking in numbers to revolt, the Ignauts consider an alliance with the very group that attacks them.   Option 1

(Episode 739) One Piece Episode 739 English Subbed: The Strongest Creature! One of the Four Emperors – Kaido, King of the Beasts!

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As Sabo departs, our attention shifts to the other Straw Hats waging a fierce battle on a mysterious island. And a new drama is set into motion as ill portents fall from the sky!   Option 1

(Episode 5) Ace Attorney Episode 5 English Subbed: Turnabout Samurai — 1st Trial

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The case reaches its climax, as Naruhodo (Phoenix) and Konaka (White) look to get each other convicted.   Option 1

(Episode 5) The Lost Village Episode 5 English Subbed: Three Yuunas Is a Crowd

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The tour is now divided into two camps: those who wish to stay and those who wish to leave. As the former decide their course of action to secure their safety, the latter heads back down the mountain. Will they manage...

(Episode 3) Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Episode 3 English Subbed: Prayer Offer

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Kurusu still intends to kill the Kabaneri, Mumei and Ikoma, because they are not human. The confrontation is stopped by Ayame Yomogawa who reminds everyone that they were saved by the two Kabaneri. The Kotetsujyo armo...

(Episode 12) Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Episode 12 English Dubbed: See You Tomorrow…

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Haruhiro and his party are in the Cyrene Mine. Ranta got separated from the party and is fending off kobolds alone. Can they all get out alive?   Option 1

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