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(Episode 409) One Piece English Dubbed: Hurry Back to Your Friends! The Maiden Island Adventure

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Luffy wakes up inside a cage, surrounded by the curious Amazons. Marguerite gives him a new pair of cloths to wear, but then the other Amazons decide to finish him off, as they detest men. They attack Luffy with cannon-s...

(Episode 408) One Piece English Dubbed: Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily

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After flying through the air for several days, Luffy finds himself in the middle of a jungle. He tries to use Rayleigh's Vivre Card to find his way back to Sabaody, but only tires himself out. He then kills a boar and ea...

(Episode 407) One Piece English Dubbed: Feudal Era Side Story – Defeat Thriller Company’s Trap

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(Filler) Brook goes off to try to defeat the Thriller Company himself, but ends up their captive, but Luffy and Zoro rescue him. The next day is the day of the race, with the Kazagaruma restaurant competing against the T...

(Episode 406) One Piece English Dubbed: Feudal Era Side Story – Boss Luffy Appears Again

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(Filler) In Grand Jipang a race is about to be held where a team carries a portable shrine to the finish line. The prize isthe chance to see a legendary treasure that is said to grant wishes. The deziens of the Kazegurum...

(Episode 405) One Piece English Dubbed: Eliminated Friends – The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew

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Sentomaru lets out that Kuma's powers send people flying through the air for days, and that Luffy should give up on ever seeing Zoro again. Kuma's motivations become questionable when he vanishes the Pacifista, gives Ray...

(Episode 404) One Piece English Dubbed: Admiral Kizaru’s Fierce Assault! The Straw Hats Face Certain Death!

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Kizaru is prevented from killing Zoro thanks to the sudden appearance of Rayleigh, who is able to deflect his lasers. Facing a hopeless situation, the Straw Hats try yet again to flee, but are trapped by Sentomaru and hi...

(Episode 403) One Piece English Dubbed: An Even Stronger Enemy Appears! The Battle Axe-Carrying Sentomaru

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After taking a massive amount of punishment, the Straw Hats' Pacifista finally goes down after Luffy grinds it into the ground with Gigant Rifle. But the crew gets no rest, as they are immediately attacked by Sentomaru, ...

(Episode 402) One Piece English Dubbed: Overwhelming! The Navy’s Fighting Weapons, the Pacifistas

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The Straw Hats continue their fight, realizing that they are not fighting Kuma, but a robotic duplicate. At the scene of Urouge's battle with the other Kuma, X. Drake reveals that the Kuma copies are cyborg clones of Kum...

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